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In search of Bigfoot

   After a rash of Bigfoot sightings, William Dragnisis has taken to Virginia's skies in a helicopter with thermal imaging equipment in search of the elusive beast. Let's just hope they catch this Bigfoot menace, and then on to the Loch Ness Monster.

No. 1 terrorist?

   Twelve thousand people came out in protest of President Bush’s trip to Germany. Germans held signs saying “Number 1 Terrorist” and “We don't need no Cowboy.” There probably still mad over that whole World War thing.

Eyes closed shut

   A Thai monk received treatment from doctors after he mistakenly used glue instead of eye drops. There doesn't even need to be a witty comment after that.

Paris in the limelight

   Floods of text messages and nude photos flooded the Web after Paris Hilton's phone was hacked. Seems the little princess can't get any privacy, what with a TV show, red carpet appearances, commercials, talk show appearances, movie roles and, oh yeah, people picking on her.

This week's rent:

   “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (1998) by Terry Gilliam. Johnny Depp stars as Raol Duke (a thinly veiled Hunter S Thompson) as he and his lawyer (Benocio Tel Doro) take a drug-laden crusade through Vegas. Depp lived with the writer for months studying for the role. The film is a great odyssey about drugs and the depths of human nature.

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