Student shares experience with others

Bradly Gill
Arts & Entertainment Editor

   Kirk Dodson's work brings a unique perspective to sculpting. His large ceramic sculptures of hearts include bizarre faces and perhaps most unconventional, pig ears and tails. However, Dodson's apparent madness does indeed contain a method.

   “All of my work centers on heart disease, and bringing awareness to it,” Dodson said.

   As a child Dodson became stricken with a rare heart condition. Later in life, he received a pig's valve through a heterograft, a surgical procedure in which an animal organ is grafted onto a human. Dodson then went on to graduate from the Memphis College of Art with a degree in metal working.

   “I came to UAM to study in the Masters of Education program, but it was too late, so now I'm just taking classes,” Dodson said.

   Dodson's experience helps him provide valuable information to his fellow students in his ceramic classes.

    “He's like having another teacher. He's a wealth of knowledge,” sophomore Justin Miller said.

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