Various scholarships available to students

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Rewarded —  (from left)  Holly Johnson, Crystal Grimes and Mary Whiting examine student applications. The Admissions office awarded 259 institutional scholarships and 590 private scholarships for the 2004-2005 school year.

   Several types of scholarships are available to students, but they must be sure to fill out an application at the Admissions office located on the first floor of Harris Hall no later than March 1.

   Students may apply for an institutional scholarship, which is for first-time freshman and granted according to ACT scores and GPA.

   Institutional transfer scholarships are available to students transferring from a two-year college with a total of 60 hours and a 3.0 GPA.

   Private scholarships are also available through corporations, individuals or memorials. Here the donor has the opportunity to set some of the guidelines. For example, one may stipulate that only Bradley County students majoring in Nursing can qualify for the scholarship.

   Again, to be eligible for these scholarships it is very important that application forms be turned in no later than March 1.  On March 15 all applications are turned over to the appropriate unit based on the school of the student’s major e.g., School of Forestry, Nursing, Arts and Humanities etc. The unit decides who will receive the money and the application is returned to Mary Whiting, director of Admissions, who gives out the awards generally some time in April.

   Many students may ask, “How do I find out about scholarships, deadlines, and awards?” Whiting strongly encourages every student to open a UAM e-mail account and check it regularly. The service is offered at no cost to all students and they can register for the account on the first floor of Sorrells Hall.

   “Any scholarship I receive information on is posted on e-mail,” Whiting said. 

   Financial aid and grants can be allotted to those students who provide some type of service, such as the yearbook editor, a majorette, the school newspaper reporter or a member of the debate team. Students need to seek out this information if it applies to them.

   Students who meet the March 1 deadline will receive priority when awards are dispersed. The amount awarded is based on various achievements such as ACT scores that range from 19 – 36 and GPA. SAT scores are also honored with comparable guidelines.

   UAM also offers contiguous awards to students from the contiguous states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee.

   It is important to remember that scholarship renewal must also meet certain criteria. An institutional scholarship requires a 3.0 GPA with a minimum of 12 hours and a private scholarship requires a 2.0 GPA with a minimum of 12 hours. 

   Students are encouraged to take the time to look for scholarships on their own.  There are plenty of them available.  The library offers books with guidelines on how to search for scholarships. Keep in mind that many large corporations such as Wal-Mart, Potlatch and Coca Cola award scholarships. Many of these applications can be obtained online or in the stores. Scholarship opportunities can also be found by logging on to the Fast Web.

   For any other questions you may have regarding scholarship opportunities call the Admissions Office at 460-1026.

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