Greek life blossoms in the spring

Cara Crossett
Assistant Copy Editor

   Every spring, people dressed in lettered shirts overflow the campus stapling flyers to every wall they can find. Who are they? What’s their purpose? They're Greeks, and they want to recruit every interested person on campus.

   Greeks work hard every spring sponsoring many activities on campus and throughout the community to spread their names to everyone. The Greeks hold meetings every Thursday at 3 p.m. to plan campus activities they want to sponsor. Each Greek organization holds individual meetings each week to discuss matters of their own sorority or fraternity. This spring, the Greeks at the University of Arkansas - Monticello continue their traditional activities.

   Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority plans to hold an interest meeting or recruitment activity once every week for all concerned girls. Fliers, posted all over campus, tell potentially interested girls when and where they need to be.

   In April, the ladies of Alpha Sigma Alpha plan to support their national philanthropy, the Special Olympics, by donating funds they have raised. On April 22 at Boll Weevil Stadium, the Special Olympic area games will be held.

   “All of us Alpha Sig's will be there in our letters supporting these amazing kids and cheering them on. I hope that we have a lot of support this year,” President Jenny Tucker said.

   Alpha Sigma Alpha hopes to provoke the interest of students on campus to go through recruitment.

   Alpha Sigma Tau hopes to put out a good name for their sorority and Greek Life as a whole by letting people on campus know what being a Greek consists of. 

   “Being in a sorority is not about buying friendships. It’s about supporting the school and local community. It’s about being able to help with something on a national level because there are so many chapters across the United States working towards the same goal,” President Tara Craig said.

   Ashley Corbin, director of student activities, guides the Greeks towards their goal of growth on campus. Corbin works hard to help each organization on campus by supporting what they do and giving suggestions of what they can do to improve.

   “UAM’s Greek Life on campus just needs to grow. I think Mrs. Corbin is putting out a lot of effort in order to make this happen, and as an Alpha Sigma Tau, I appreciate that,” Craig said.

   Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity counts on heightening campus social life by having activities the entire student body can participate in. The fraternity held a Valentine’s Day Ball for the campus.

   Alpha Week is scheduled in April includes on and off campus activities such as Jazz and Poetry night. Recently, the Alpha Phi’s brought home awards from state convention for the best step team in the state and the highest GPA in the state. Come watch the men of Alpha Phi perform at their next step show, April 9. 

   “Our main plan for achieving our goal, to enhance social life on campus, is simply hard, dedicated work that we are known to do,” President Garren Rockwell said.

   Kappa Alpha Order holds their largest fundraiser, the Phil Simpson Memorial Big Bass Classic, April 9 on the Arkansas River at Pendleton. They also expect to hold Old South Week in April, an event held by most KA chapters around the country. The men of Kappa Alpha Order work hard to get their name out on campus to increase the number of potential new members.

   “We are using alumni, our sweethearts and new pledges to help find new guys,” President Coy Zornes said.

   Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity desires an increase of Greek social activities on campus and they plan to accomplish this with their annual Fite Nite. Fite Nite, scheduled for April 28 and 29 at the Shining “M” Arena, remains one of the largest activities for a Greek organization at UAM. The men of Sigma Tau Gamma also plan to put out a Sig Tau Beauties Calendar, featuring many UAM female students. Relay for Life, sponsored by the Sig Tau’s, will raise money April 29 for the American Cancer Society. 

   “We are working hard to get our membership up and plan more activities for the student body,” President Brad Fryar said.

   Although Greek Life at UAM has taken a downfall in the last couple of years, many Greek organizations are working hard to make improvements.

   “I encourage all Greeks, not just Alpha Sigma Alpha, but all Greeks to get their names out there and spread the message of Greek Life,” President of Alpha Sigma Alpha Jenny Tucker said.

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