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It's time to be humbled.

   A three-year-old from England recently passed the IQ test to qualify to become a member of Mensa (the elite intellectual society). Mikhal Ali became the youngest member of Mensa after a psychiatrist at the University of York administered a quiz. After seeing so many snot- nosed kids in Wal-Mart, it’s good to know smart people are breeding.

It's the turkey gangsta rap.

   Ohio state troopers have recently had several run-ins with hostile wild turkeys. One trooper was forced back into his vehicle after being attacked by the bird. Of course Ohio is known for its rampant turkey gang activity as well as the giblet meth trade

Bugs Bunny gets a makeover

   Time Warner Inc. is hoping to breathe new life into some classic characters. In its new series "Loonatics," Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are given a harder, more sinister edge in the cartoon set in the year 2772. Walt Disney plans to follow suit by making Mickey Mouse a hardcore mercenary who fights ninjas.

Some criminals just aren't that bright.

   Benjamine Park, 19, became the latest victim of Internet voyeurism ... OK, not exactly. Park was captured on Webcam looting the residence of Duncan Brigsby, a software engineer. The pictures will be shown on a burglary fetish site visited by Japanese businessman.

This week's rent:

   “Clerks (1994) by Kevin Smith. Director Kevin Smith’s break-out hit features the antics of a gas station clerk and his buddy. They wax poetically over everything from "Star Wars," to women, to hermaphroditic porn. Smith cemented himself as the voice of Generation X in this movie. Although definitely for the cerebral, Clerks has enough lowbrow humor to keep anyone entertained.

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