Athletic Club improves health

Erin Anthony
Staff Writer

   Athletics improve cardiovascular health, decrease risk factors for many diseases and reduce depression and anxiety. For those not involved in organized sports, the benefits of athletics can be gained from regular exercise.

   The Monticello Athletic Club facilitates programs to promote health and fitness for the community. According to a flier provided by the athletic club, one of the secrets to staying healthy is participating in a variety of exercise activities. Keeping with that belief, the athletic club offers classes in aerobics, yoga and aikido. 

   The club also contains a weight room for those who want to work out at their own pace. Dance lessons are offered once a week to provide more variety. With class offerings in both morning and afternoon, the athletic club can meet the needs of busy students.

   “When we’re young we don’t realize how important health is. When we get older, we have to deal with the consequences of that negligence.  Beginning exercise at a young age is a great preventative measure,” said Pam Mann, owner of the club. "To promote student involvement, the athletic club offers a special student package."

   For more information contact the Monticello Athletic Club at (870) 367-0676.

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