Ross recreates outdoor experience

Bradly Gill
Arts & Entertainment Editor

   Through the use of a few projectors and cutouts, Arkansas native Molly Ross recreates the wonder of the outdoors in her exhibit, "The Woods."

   Ross uses theater glass and cardboard to create slides that transport the viewer to the deep woods of Southeast Arkansas. Her work has been shown in cities ranging from Chicago to Baltimore.

   "A lot of times, I draw from pictures, so my work has a more photorealistic feel. I Xerox them, I enlarge and shrink them," Ross said.

   Ross also draws inspiration from Javanese shadow puppetry. Many of her works contain moving parts, a common element in shadow puppetry.

   "When they are performed, it adds a whole other element," Ross said.

   A large crowd turned out for Ross' reception at the Fred J. Taylor Library and Technology Center. A few members of the audience expressed their amazement at the remarkable depth the work showed.

   "It was really different," senior Laura McKinney said. "I've never seen anything like it. It was nice. The process was so simple, yet so beautiful."

   Ross is just one of many talented artists who have decided to display their work at the University of Arkansas - Monticello.

   "It's really good to be able to pull artists from the outside to give people at UAM an opportunity to see what's going on in other places," associate professor of art Thomas Richard said.

   "The Woods" will be on display in the gallery through March 9.  

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