Daddy can you send me some cash?

Katy Murray
Commentary Editor

   Do you have to call your folks more than once a month for cash?  Do you find yourself making frequent trips to the Automated Teller Machine? Have you been experiencing loss of funds? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, you just might be suffering from what officials have dubbed the “Broke College Student Syndrome,” also known as BCSS.

   Yes, that is right; BCSS is a serious condition which plagues the lives of the majority of college students, not only at the University of Arkansas – Monticello, but all over the world. “What’s the cure for this disease?” you may ask. Well, fellow students, the only solvent known to man is called Graduation. Meanwhile, let’s try to make the best of a bad situation.

   “How?” you might say. Let’s start with what we have at our disposal:

  • Mommy and Daddy are still willing to help
  • UAM is eager to give assistance

   OK, what does that equal? It has to be like an ATM card, but it has to work on campus. How about a money card?

   Many students have meal plans on campus allowing them to use a meal card in the Gibson University Center, but what about the bookstore? Sure, a number of students receive financial aid and have credit at the bookstore, but that only covers you at the first of the semester. After that, you are on your own and may not have the cash or even a credit card on hand to buy necessities from the campus bookstore.

   It would be very convenient to always have credit there, because you never know when you may be in dire need of a notebook or candy bar. Maybe when that emergency occurs you will be caught without funds, like so many college students. Do not forget BCSS!

   It is a very simple principle; here is how it works. When Mommy and Daddy purchase the meal card at the beginning of the year, they can also buy you a money card that works at the bookstore. This solution is very appealing, because it is hassle-free, painless and your bases are always covered. Just think about the convenience. Also, if you are looking to impress your parents with your money managing skills or re-earn their trust after a bad shopping experience, here is your chance. Maybe when they see how mature you are, they will let you have a credit card. 

   The campus bookstore is a highly trafficked area on campus, and with the ease of money cards, it could be an effective venture for the student and for the school. Let us ask for bookstore money cards; you never know what you can have until you find your voice.

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