Liberals gone wild

Michael Ford
Managing Editor

   I hear protesters shout vulgarities on CNN, which the liberal network did not bother to edit out; I see Vice President Dick Cheney’s limousine get hit with a snowball; I see signs with obscenities on them – and that only scratches the surface. Welcome to the 2005 Presidential Inauguration, where liberals represented the Democratic Party with unparalleled lack of civility.  

   If I remember correctly, President George W. Bush won the 2004 election via more votes than any other president in history. So how disgraceful of liberals to spend the next four years pining, instead of attempting to unite and meet in the center. The progressive left will always be a thorn in the side of our society; I accepted that a long time ago. But what happened to the moderate democrats I still respected; the ones who should be pulling the party together, instead of making a mockery of it by excessively whining? Hast thou no sense of decency?

   The saddest part: liberals fail at being sufficient protesters. According to news reports, some liberals decided to protest the inauguration by not going to work or buying anything for one day. Wow, that will really teach President Bush to win an election. Incidents such as that, and Ted Kennedy recommending U.S. troops leave Iraq only three days prior to the election, verifies my opinion of the Democrats – they represent a second-tier party. In other words, no one should take them seriously.

   Unfortunately for Democrats, their party may not be considered a national entity much longer. After all, they lost seats in the House and Senate; they only won three of the last 10 elections and most importantly, they maintain no sense of moral values – something they decided long ago to leave behind. Furthermore, this all happened while a Republican president with one of the lowest approval ratings ever occupied the White House.  

   If Democrats ever intend to regain their composure in the political arena, they will need to bring in some fresh faces with fresh ideas. Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Hilary Clinton and the like continue to drive the party into the ground beyond repair. Disassociating themselves with Michael Moore and the coalition of Hollywood halfwits would also help. Otherwise, Democrats will continue to lose elections and throw temper tantrums at four-year intervals.

   With that said, I offer the best possible advice to liberals: Move to the right and stop whining. If not for me, do it for your country.

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