UAM starts tailgating tradition

Photo by Karon Parrish
Links anyone? — Drew and Ashley Echols from Union Bank and Trust Co. grill at the Aug. 26 tailgating party
Karon Parrish

   The first tailgate party for the UAM 2004 football season was a huge success. More than 300 students, faculty, staff and community leaders enjoyed a warm afternoon of food, fun, fellowship and team spirit.

   Although held on a Thursday afternoon while many people were still at work, the party featured a big turnout. UAM's food services department closed the dining hall and set up a tent at the tailgate party to help feed students. Many  community leaders also made arrangements to be on hand for this event.

   “We are planning to continue the tailgate parties for all home games and hope that everyone will continue to participate,” said Ashley Lynn, director of Student Activities and Programs.

   Parents and relatives of the players also attended the festivities. Cody McCasland, a UAM freshman linebacker from Atlanta, Texas, had several family members present to enjoy the tailgating experience. They found a shady spot by the pond to enjoy some food, according to Cody’s dad, Jim McCasland.

   “I am going to enjoy some down home food while relaxing before the game,” he said.

Titanic slide
Photo by Karon Parrish
Ship slide and away — The Titanic slide provided fun for young Weevils.
   Community leaders set up various tents all around Weevil pond. They served everything from fried chicken to hot dogs. Several student organizations also helped feed the crowd.

   Kramer Entertainment provided children’s games and live entertainment for the youngest of the UAM football fans to the oldest. The Student Activities Board supported and paid for the activities.

   Dr. and Mrs. Jack Lassiter walked to each tent, introduced themselves and thanked each person for coming out to help support the team. One couple from Hammond, La., Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pilcher, came up to support the Weevils and their son, freshman free safety Ryan Pilcher.

   The Pilchers said they were pleasantly surprised to see the Chancellor and his wife strolling around the pond, and they enjoyed visiting. Mrs. Pilcher compared this tailgate party to those experienced at Ole Miss as a “much more laid back and relaxing experience.”
She said she enjoyed sitting back and looking across the pond as the sun began to set and felt they “had made a good decision in sending their son to school here.”

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