April 29, 2004

Students Can Make Votes Count | Nursing Students Anticipate Upcoming Pinning Ceremony | Master of Arts in Teaching Becomes a Success in Southeast Arkansas|Profile:UAM School of Social and Behavioral Sciences



By Karon Parrish

Students graduating from the Department of Nursing not only receives a diploma of  accomplishment from UAM but they will also receive a pin the evening before the regular UAM Commencement exercises.  The nursing students feel as much pride in this small piece of jewelry as all the gold in the world. 

The 10th Annual UAM Nursing Graduate Recognition Ceremony will be held for the class of 2004 on May 13, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. in the Spencer Gallery of the Fine Arts Auditorium.

According to Ms. Anita Shaw, R.N., “The pinning ceremony marks the completion of the student’s nursing education.  Many schools, divisions and colleges of nursing have this ceremony to mark the entrance into the profession of nursing and to pay honor to Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, by the lighting of the nurses’ lamp and recitation of the Florence Nightingale pledge.”

The ceremony also serves as a celebration for the student’s family, and allows the Division of Nursing to award student’s achievements in nursing and to meet and thank the student’s family for their support.

According to Judy James, Division of Nursing secretary, there are approximately fifty-five students in various areas of nursing that will be recognized during the ceremony: Generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees; Registered Nurses to Bachelor of Science in Nursing; and the Associated of Arts in Nursing.

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By Jane-Marie Herron

If your plans include to one day becoming a teacher, the Master of Arts in Teaching route is the new way to go in obtaining your licensure.  Not only do you receive a teaching license in one year, you obtain a master’s degree as well.

Dr. King of the Education Department said.  “We have been recruiting for our fourth year and it has grown every year.  We started out at less than 20 and this year we have around 150 students enrolled.” 

Dr. King stated that the program has become more well known and that is just one of the reasons for the growth of the program. 

The total cost for the program is $5, 000.  Yet, there are some scholarships that are available for students.  Also, if the student is willing to teach in one of the Delta Core schools for 3 years, the school provides a stipend of $2,500. 

Dr. King stated,  “The classes are all online during the year.  The only time the student comes to campus is for one week during July.  This is somewhat for the students to get to know the other students in the program.” 

This program has indeed grown and hopefully continue to grow in the upcoming years.  “This program is like none other in the country,” King stated.

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By Karon Parrish

Why let your vote count?  As of April 26, 2004 the confirmed number soldiers killed in the war in Iraq is 523. Of the last six killed, four were under twenty-five years of age and were from Arkansas.

It was startling to learn that of that number, 421 have been twenty-one years of age or younger.  The average age for those who have been killed in the war is nineteen according to the American Red Cross. 

Students across the UAM campus were encouraged by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Activities Board (SAB) to register to vote by April 19 in time for the May primary.  Students on campus are around the same age of those who are dying for our country, which makes their generation the greatest to loose.

Voting to have your voice heard is a right that we should all participate in.  Whether or not a favorite political choice wins or not, you have made a step toward being involved. 

The war in Iraq is the largest issue between the Presidential candidates this year.  President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry both equally feel that they are the best man for the job as President.  It is in a student’s best interest to make their opinion known and heard.  For those who opted not to register to vote, you will not be able to make a counted vote in the May primary nor in the November election.

The greatest number of voters in past elections has been those fifty-five and older.  Why?  Because they also have a large interest in what President is elected.  Social security, Medicare, prescription drugs, and retirement benefits were the hot topics of the 2001 presidential election.  See how they helped push the Medicare Reform Bill through this year!  Although these topics are still weighing on each senior citizens mind, they are not the forerunner in this year’s election.

Senior citizens to have a great influence upon the political outcome of most elections, but this year it is apparent that without the vote of those age eighteen to twenty-four, students across America will not be heard.  Learn about the candidates and what they believe in, stand for, and how they have voted on issues in the past.    

Students just like yourself are currently carrying M-16’s and wiping the sand from their eyes, looking over their shoulders and hoping that they will return home alive to this country, perhaps in time to vote.

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Profile:  UAM School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

By Raydine Hollinshed

If you are a future law enforcement officer, social worker, or educator, the UAM School of Social and Behavioral Sciences is the place for you.  The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers classes that are designed to provide preparation for careers in social services, government, and teaching. It is also a preparation for graduate and professional studies. It plays a significant role in the general education of all students and offers a social studies concentration as part of a master of education degree.

The Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences is Vanneise Collins.  Dean Collins was nominated for the Administrator of the year by the Alpha Chi honor fraternity. “We are getting ready for summer school and the fall semester,” stated Dean Collins.

The nominations for students of Who’s Who Among American College Students is also taking place.  The Social Work program provided professional social work educational opportunities to all qualified students. The goal of the Social Work program is to prepare students for beginning general social work practice. The Social Work Club offers internships and the club also does other activities on campus.

If your goal in life is to help people in any way, the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences is where you need to be. The school offers many programs to make your life long dream become a reality.