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There is no bookstore in Southeast Arkansas with a decent selection of material.  Thank goodness has decent prices and ships everywhere!  Use it!

This database lists information on just about every movie ever made!  If you are trying to remember that one movie with that actor in it, go here.  You won't be disappointed.

Guardian Unlimited
If you get all of your news from the networks, I feel genuinely sorry for you.  Look outside the mainstream slant and open your eyes to other informed viewpoints.  The Guardian is a reputable newspaper from Great Britain with an interesting take on World News.

Your local video store offers around two thousand movie titles.  Netflix offers around 18 thousand titles, shipped right to your door and no late fees.  This service was made for the small town movie lover.  Look into it!

Get out of here for a while.  Take a trip. See the world.  Planning my trips here has always gone smoothly and saved me a few bucks.  Good plane ticket prices.


This free internet encyclopedia has an amazing wealth of information and links.  It is especially strong in the area of pop-culture, an area where other encyclopedias often fall behind.  Great starting point for internet information.

The coolest radio station on the planet.  These guys single-handedly pushed alternative music into the mainstream in the early 90s.  Look to them BEFORE MTV to see what is hot in the world of music.

From collectibles to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay
The shopping world at your fingertips.  If you've never shopped eBay you should be ashamed of yourself as a member of a consumer society.





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