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Neoclassicism through Romanticism: Concise, Contextual Timeline (Powerpoint)

Guidelines for Reading and Analyzing Literature - This is a great informational website put together by Dr. Tina Hanlon.  Take the time to read this; we will discuss it in class.

Brief Comparison on Neoclassicism vs. Romanticism (Powerpoint)

The Philosophy of Pope's Essay On Man (Powerpoint)

Resources for study of Voltaire's Candide - Good collection of related web links from the University of Chicago (optional)

Excellent information on Rene Descartes (optional)

Voltaire on the concept of Free Will (.pdf file)

Thoughts of the Enlightenment (Powerpoint)

The Dark Influence of the Gothic

Intro to Dostoevsky's Notes From Underground (Powerpoint)

Sartre's Existentialism (Powerpoint)





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