Chapter 9 Atmosphere's Planetary Circulation



1. What is the relationship between semi-permanent subtropical anticyclones and the location of the world’s subtropical deserts?

2. How are the trade winds and westerlies linked to the semi-permanent subtropical anticyclones?

3. Describe the weather along the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ).

4. How do the subpolar lows change between winter and summer?

5. Why does the climate of Southern California feature a wet winter and dry summer?

6. In what way are the subtropical gyres of the ocean basins associated with the prevailing planetary-scale wind patterns?

7. Describe the seasonal shifts in the latitude of the polar front and the semi-permanent subtropical highs.

8. What causes the Southwest Monsoon?

9. Explain the association between weather extremes and a blocking pattern in the westerlies.

10. Why does a jet stream occur over the polar front?