Chapter 2:  Atmosphere: Origin, Composition, and Structure


Review Questions:

1. What is thought to be the principle source of water on Earth?

2. The chief source of Earth’s early atmosphere was outgassing. Explain what is meant by outgassing. Does outgassing still operate today?

3. Explain how living organisms played an important role in the evolution of Earth’s atmosphere.

4. Distinguish between the homosphere and the heterosphere.

5. The significance of an atmospheric gas or aerosol is not necessarily related to its concentration. Explain this statement and provide a few examples.

6. Distinguish among the various types of scientific models used in meteorology and climatology.

7. What was the significance of the invention of the electric telegraph in weather observation and forecasting?

8. What is the principal mission of the National Weather Service Cooperative Observer Network?

9. What is a radiosonde? Describe the function served by a radiosonde launch.

10. Compare the properties of the troposphere with those of the stratosphere.