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CIS Celebrates Holiday Season With Students

The School of Computer Information Systems held its annual holiday season celebration on Thursday, December 6, with CIS majors and minors as well as students taking CIS classes. The faculty and staff provide goodies for students throughout the day.

Goodies Table

The Chi Iota Sigma Student club served a deli lunch for members and faculty at the last meeting of the semester.

Club Lunch

The School presented $100 book stipends to eligible members in good standing of the CIS Student club. Recipients included Ben Faver, Keith Franklin, Brent McGehee, Donald Minnieweather, Ronald Minnieweather, Deanna Moore, Walter Warfield, and Bridgett Watson.

Book Stipend Winners

Brent McGehee, DeAnna Moore, Keith Franklin, Bridgett Watson, Ronald Minnieweather and Donald Minnieweather

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