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2005 Awards Ceremony

A Celebration of Academic Excellence

The University of Arkansas at Monticello School of Computer Information Systems recognized its outstanding students during an awards presentation at the School's annual reception. The reception was held on April 26, 2005, in the Capitol Dining Room at the John F. Gibson University Center.

Honored guests included the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Mr. R. David Ray; The Vice Chancellor for Student Addairs, Dr. Peggy Doss; the Registrar, Dr. Debbie Bryant; the Ass't Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ranelle Eubanks; and the Parents and Friends of CIS Award Nominees.

The School thanks Mr. and Mrs. William Austin for their continuing scholarship support with the William R. and Katie B. Austin Endowed Scholarship fund for CIS majors, thanks Dr. and Mrs. Jessie Coker for their scholarship support with the Coker Endowed Scholarship fund which rotated to the CIS School this year, and thanks Dr. Debbie Bryant for her continuing CIS General Scholarship fund donations.

Guest, Student, and Faculty Attendees

Picture of Attendees Picture of Attendees

Picture of Attendees Picture of Attendees

Picture of Attendees Picture of Attendees

Award Nominees

Picture of 2005 CIS Award Nominees

The Academic Excellence Award Nominees included Samantha Bunting, Justin Collins, Russell LaVon Corker, Erin Beth Cracolici, Matthew Daniel, Trey Dunlap, James Ellis, Megan E. Fisher, Micah J. Granderson, Cynthia G. Grove, Jennifer Guillory, Pamela Hopper, Justin D. Hurst, Jessica Jarvis, John J. Jenkins, Jennifer N. Jones, Chris Kleinhofs, Eric P. Larkins, Lawrence R. McCoy, Kevin Murphy, Tillie C. Russell, Justin C. Sanders, Desiree Thornhill, Josh Allan Tooke, Densen G. Watson, Jr., and Thomas P. Wust.

Each nominee was presented a certificate recognizing their nomination.


Academic Excellence Winners

Picture of Excellence winner Picture of Excellence winner Picture of Excellence winner

Densen Watson, Erin Cracolici, and Trey Dunlap

The Academic Achievement Award winners are Erin Beth Cracolici, Trey Dunlap, Lawrence R. McCoy, Tillie C. Russell, Josh Allen Tooke, and Densen G. Watson, Jr.

The School awarded "Welcome Back" scholarships to three of our CIS major servicemen, Matthew Burton, Willie Hill, and James Lyles, who recently returned from military duty in Iraq.

Outstanding Rookie

Picture of Outstanding Rookie

The Outstanding Rookie of the Year is Jessica Jarvis.

Outstanding Junior

Picture of Outstanding Junior

The Outstanding Junior of the Year is Samantha Bunting.

Outstanding Senior

Picture of Outstanding Senior

The Outstanding Senior of the year is Justin Hurst

Faculty Member of the Year

Picture of Faculty Member of the Year

The Faculty Member of the Year, selected by CIS majors and minors, is Ms. Terri Hopkins.

Award Presenters

Picture of CIS Faculty Members

CIS Faculty

CIS School Chair Dr. James Roiger served as Masters of Ceremonies for the awards presentation and was assisted in making the presentations by faculty members Ms. Jean Hendrix, and Ms. Angela Marsh. Ms. Lori Selby, last year's awardee, presented the Faculty Member of the Year award.

A special thanks goes to Ms. Nancy Tappe, the School's Support Specialist, who worked very hard to make it all happen.

UAM School of CIS