Graduate Council Minutes

December 6, 2005

MCB 203

3:00 p.m.



Present: Dr. Robert Moore; Dr. Adam McKee; Dr. Hal Liechty; Mr. Joshua Richardson; Mr. David Ray; Dr. Peggy Doss; Ms. Donna Hunnicutt; Dr. Richard Kluender; Dr. Paul Doruska; Dr. Debbie Bryant; Dr. Ranelle Eubanks; Dr. Philip Tappe. Reporter: Ms. Catherine Karnes.


The Council approved the 10-25-05 minutes with a correction noted.


The Council approved a student appeal.


The Council was reminded of the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools which will be held in Little Rock on February 24th 27th. Mr. Ray encouraged Council members to attend.


The Council discussed and reviewed the proposed revision of the UAM Graduate Council Policies and Operating Procedures. The Council suggested changes to the jurisdiction section of the procedures. Dr. Moore volunteered to compose the suggested modifications and forward the revision to Ms. Karnes. Mr. Ray noted that the Council needed to work on a student appeal process to be included in the procedures. Mr. Ray encouraged members to continue their review of the policy.


The Council reviewed a draft of the UAM Graduate Faculty list. Several omissions were noted. These omissions will be added.


Mr. Ray thanked the Council members for their service and the meeting adjourned at 3:37 p.m.